Tips to Hire a Licensed AC Repair Contractor

Licensed AC Repair Contractor

How to Hire a Licensed AC Repair Contractor

In the beginning, air conditioners were a luxury amenity, but today, they have become essential for keeping our families healthy, safe, and comfortable. The air conditioner is part of an entire building system: the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The air conditioner seems to be the part of the system that needs the most care, particularly needing regular maintenance by a Licensed AC Repair Contractor.

For this reason, homeowners need a Licensed AC Repair Contractor on their contact list.

Everyone needs a list of contacts, people who can do things you cannot do. Of course, that includes doctors and dentists, local leaders, and perhaps a lawyer. Your list should also include contractors which include an HVAC professional. Why should you know such a technician?

Information Overload

Living in South Texas in 2024 requires a tremendous flood of information, instructions, and suggestions from a vast choir about many topics.

  • A constant dialogue with, for, and about family matters that change with every passing day.
  • Communication, training, and records concerning our job/career.
  • A barrage of information concerning economics, finances, and their connection to political happenings.
  • Social interaction, hobby details, and sports statistics abound, and much more.

A few people will develop an independent, do-it-yourself outlook. Still, most do not have the information bandwidth to know every detail about building systems, such as the mechanics of heating and air conditioning.

Systems Need Maintenance

Every mechanical system requires cleaning and upkeep since dust and contaminants enter the components and interfere with proper function. That includes every building system in a home. The plumbing, electrical, building envelope and HVAC system will need cleaning and inspection regularly. If you are unprepared to care for all these systems, find a Licensed AC Repair Contractor to help you properly care for the home.

Equipment and Training

Accomplishing difficult tasks, especially technical tasks, requires the proper tools and training. This is certainly true with HVAC maintenance and repair.

  • A pressure gauge is needed to check the amount of refrigerant gas in the closed system. The pressure will vary within the system—a high-pressure side and a low-pressure side. Loss of refrigerant will severely hamper the function of the air conditioner.
  • An electrical multimeter tester is needed since some wires carry 24 volts and some wires carry 220 volts. Mishandling HVAC wiring can be deadly.
  • Detection equipment to find leaking refrigerant or the presence of carbon monoxide is needed to maintain systems.

The specialized tools and equipment needed for AC maintenance are sizeable; you need to know someone with the right equipment for the right job.

Proper Brand Training

Having the proper tools is just the first step. Knowing how to use the tools is equally important. Most technicians receive considerable training and complete a regime of supervised training for an extended period. After adequate training, most system problems and repairs are quite common. However, Trane factory-trained technicians become very familiar with the specific technology of your Trane air conditioner. If you do not have the time and interest to receive the specific training for your system, you need to know someone who has this training.

Plenty of Information

The benefit of having a long-term relationship with an HVAC professional is valuable communication concerning your system. That includes information about good maintenance principles, the reason repairs are necessary, and estimates on how long the system should continue to function properly.

Need Suggestions on How to Hire a Licensed AC Repair Contractor?

Houston Trane can connect you with a Trane Licensed AC Repair Contractor who can help you design an HVAC system that will fit your home and your family’s needs. To find a local Trane HVAC Repair technician, visit our Local Dealer search tool.