• HVAC System Buying Guide

    HVAC System Buying Guide

    The Houston Trane HVAC System Buying Guide Owning or managing a business gets more complicated with every passing year. Human resources, budgetary details, and long-term planning get piled on top of the expertise needed to do the main business tasks. There is little time or energy to focus on maintaining building systems with a high level…

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  • Hurricane Proof Your HVAC System

    Hurricane Proof Your HVAC System

    3 Steps to Hurricane Proof Your HVAC System During the summer months, the waters of the South Atlantic warm up each year. When the surface temperature of the water rises above 790 degrees, a combination of evaporation and heat energy forms terrific tropical storms. The most severe of these storms are called hurricanes, which can…

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  • AC Repair vs AC Replacement

    AC Repair vs AC Replacement

    AC Repair vs AC Replacement: Pros and Cons Did the beginning of this cooling season start a little differently than normal? If switching the thermostat from heat to cool didn’t result in a steady rush of cool air and the spring started with an AC repair, you might be wondering whether your faithful old air…

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