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“Houston is a big-time city with a smooth, Southern style. Whether it’s sampling savory barbecue, indulging in upscale shopping, or tapping your brand-new boots to thumping blues music, Houston dishes up a hearty helping of arts, activities and jaw-dropping, space-age thrills.”

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Breast Cancer Awareness

The dedicated employees from Hunton Distribution helped raise money for a valuable cause. All donations received for Breast Cancer Awareness were donated to The Rose, a non-profit organization in Houston, committed to reducing deaths from breast cancer by providing access to screening, diagnostics, and treatment services to any woman regardless of her ability to pay.

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Established October 6, 1999; 18 years ago
First season: 2002
Play in and headquartered in NRG Stadium
National Football League (2002–present)
American Football Conference (2002–present)
AFC South (2002–present)
Team colors: Deep Steel Blue, Battle Red, Liberty White
Fight song: “Football Time in Houston”
Mascot: Toro

Check out pictures for our Trane Field Day in June 2018

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HVAC System Buying Guide

The Houston Trane HVAC System Buying Guide Owning or managing a business gets more complicated with every passing year. Human resources, budgetary details, and long-term planning get piled on top of the expertise needed to do the main business tasks. There is little time or energy to focus on maintaining building systems with a high level […]

23 May 2024
HVAC System

3 Steps to Hurricane Proof Your HVAC System During the summer months, the waters of the South Atlantic warm up each year. When the surface temperature of the water rises above 790 degrees, a combination of evaporation and heat energy forms terrific tropical storms. The most severe of these storms are called hurricanes, which can […]

23 May 2024
AC Repair vs AC Replacement

AC Repair vs AC Replacement: Pros and Cons Did the beginning of this cooling season start a little differently than normal? If switching the thermostat from heat to cool didn’t result in a steady rush of cool air and the spring started with an AC repair, you might be wondering whether your faithful old air […]

30 Apr 2024
AC Maintenance

Hurricane Season AC Maintenance Preparation As summer approaches, it is time to begin emergency preparations for the hurricane season. This year’s forecast predicts a very active season: 20 tropical storms, 9 storms that become hurricanes, and 4 that will become a Category 4 or 5 storm. Some preparation steps take time, so now is not […]

30 Apr 2024

Commercial HVAC Maintenance  Commercial air conditioning is an essential service for businesses in Texas during the summer for customers and staff alike. Neither business owners nor property managers relish days or weeks without AC, so they understand the benefits of proper maintenance of air conditioning systems. Trane-certified Commercial HVAC Maintenance technicians have the equipment and […]

22 Mar 2024

The Homeowners Indoor Air Quality Guide It feels good around here! Spring has come, and the cold of winter is in the rearview mirror. After being cooped up inside, we can step out and take a breath of fresh spring air. There is more truth to this than you know. According to the American Lung […]

22 Mar 2024

HVAC System Upgrades You Should Consider Determining home values is rather tricky. There is the valuation that happens for taxation at the local level. There is a real estate appraisal that happens during a real estate transaction, establishing a maximum that a bank should loan for a home. An “asking price” is developed by a […]

28 Feb 2024
6 HVAC Repair Detection Tips

HVAC Repair: What You Need to Look for When Buying a New Home If you have the pleasure of purchasing a home that is new to you, the decision might become overwhelming. Location, location, location might be the first thought, along with flooring, finishes, and layout. The structure of the building envelope and building systems […]

16 Feb 2024
HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance Tips for the Winter The Holiday Season was so pleasant, filled with celebrations with family and friends, but the new year has arrived. Attitudes change a little, so a reflective mood. With a brand-new calendar, many people feel a “call to action” and make resolutions and dietary changes. The immediate projection is several […]

17 Jan 2024
Heat Pump

Heat Pump vs. Furnace: Which Heating Option is Best for Your Home It happens. Age catches up with all of us. The same can also be said of your residential heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. They exist in the background of our daily lives, barely noticeable beyond a quiet whisper of air movement during heating […]

17 Jan 2024