AC Maintenance Steps to Prepartion for Hurricane Season

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Hurricane Season AC Maintenance Preparation

As summer approaches, it is time to begin emergency preparations for the hurricane season. This year’s forecast predicts a very active season: 20 tropical storms, 9 storms that become hurricanes, and 4 that will become a Category 4 or 5 storm. Some preparation steps take time, so now is not too early.

Here are some recommended hurricane preparation steps that can be pursued now.

  1. Develop clear communication plans. Stay tuned to local weather channels (often with lots of drama) AND the National Hurricane Center (just the facts).1  A battery-powered radio will keep you informed even during power outages. An advanced warning can be crucial for hurricane safety.
  2. Clear away potential dangers. Visually inspect your lawn and surrounding homes and identify limbs or trees that can damage homes or property. Identify lawn furniture or large toys that need to be stored during violent storms. Purchase straps to secure your air conditioner condenser unit to the ground or pad.
  3. Gather protection and survival supplies now. Will you board up windows? Buy the material and fasteners now and cut them into appropriate sizes. Purchase water and non-perishable food supplies now and over time.
  4. Consider purchasing a whole-house surge protector. Hurricanes do not produce abundant lightning strikes, but the wind does cause the power grid to fluctuate frequently. Power surges can damage computers, media devices, and appliances; surge protectors block electricity from sending excess power into the home.
  5. Consider purchasing a whole-house generator. Major hurricanes are known to knock out the power grid for large areas and weeks at a time. Discuss the benefits and costs associated with a new generator that will power every circuit in the home. Trane has various sizes of generators to meet the needs of any size home. Installation of these generators takes time and preparation, so do not wait until the season begins in earnest.
  6. Determine an evacuation plan. At what category level will you move to safety? Where will you go? Which route will you take, considering projected traffic volumes? These can be emotional decisions, so make some general plans well in advance. Delaying a decision can limit evacuation options.

Here are some recommended hurricane preparation steps that should happen immediately before the storm arrives.

  1. Board windows and store lawn furniture before the wind picks up.
  2. Keep track of the storm and determine a day or so before the hurricane arrives whether you will hunker down or move to higher ground.
  3. If you stay, charge phones, computers, and other electronic devices, and fill the tanks of vehicles; it may be a while before charging and fuel is available.
  4. If you stay, turn the AC down by 50 or so. If the power grid shuts down, your family will have a little added comfort for a while.
  5. If you stay, plan to trip the main breaker should power fluctuations become excessive.

Here are some recommended hurricane preparation steps that should happen after the storm has passed.

  1. After it is safe to step outside, look at the home exterior and yard for potential damage. Beware of downed powerlines. Some of your next steps might be determined by existing damage.
  2. Examine the condenser unit for damage. If wind or flying debris has damaged the coil, do not turn the air conditioner on.
  3. Examine the roof, windows, and siding for damage.
  4. Make your inspection before restoring power by tripping the main breaker. Be patient. It may be a while before the power grid is restored.

If you suspect or know that your HVAC system sustained damage during a storm, we have factor-trained Trane technicians to help restore comfort and safety by restoring your system.

Prepare for Hurricane Season with Proper AC Maintenance

Schedule a routine AC maintenance appointment with a local HVAC contractor to prepare your system for hurricane season. To find a local Trane Commercial HVAC Maintenance technician, visit our Local Dealer search tool.