Commercial HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Commercial HVAC Maintenance 

Commercial air conditioning is an essential service for businesses in Texas during the summer for customers and staff alike. Neither business owners nor property managers relish days or weeks without AC, so they understand the benefits of proper maintenance of air conditioning systems. Trane-certified Commercial HVAC Maintenance technicians have the equipment and training to maintain even large, complex air conditioning systems. These services include:

Servicing Outdoor Condenser Components

Condensers are responsible for transferring heat from inside the building to the outdoors. This task requires moving a tremendous amount of air through tiny openings between the coil and fins. Flying debris, dust, and leaves can easily clog these openings. A soft-bristle brush and a stream of water will clean away the collected dirt. Some condenser units are at ground level, and some are installed on rooftops. We are prepared to service units in both locations.

Examining Intake Vents

Some large HVAC systems draw in fresh air from the outdoors for ventilation and temperature modulation. These vent openings are often in high, hard-to-reach locations. We will inspect the openings to ensure they are not clogged or show signs of pests or mold.

Inspecting Moving Parts

Large blower motors are often driven by belts and pulleys. Over time, belts will wear, crack, or stretch. The pulley assembly needs lubrication and will eventually need to be replaced. The blower motor should perform within the design parameters to ensure AC function. We will thoroughly inspect these assemblies to avoid unnecessary failures.

Testing Refrigerant Levels

Commercial AC systems utilize a variety of refrigerant gases under pressure, commonly called Freon. The gas is in a closed network of tubes, and keeping the pressure within an appropriate range is crucial. We will use a gauge and measure the pressure, adding the appropriate gas as needed. (A loss of gas pressure is an indication of a leak in the system.)

Testing Electrical Systems and Controls

The AC system will go through thousands of cooling cycles this summer. A tremendous flow of electricity suddenly starts and stops when this happens, resulting in significant wear. We test these sensors and controls to ensure a small part does not shut down a large system.

Cleaning Evaporator Coils and Drain Lines

While cooling the indoor air, large AC systems remove gallons of water. These processes happen in evaporator chambers; sometimes they are large, and sometimes they are small, confined spaces. These dark, wet spaces need to be cleaned properly to maintain AC function and prevent mold or mildew growth. We will also make sure the drain line is clear to prevent an overflow into finished spaces.

Replacing or Cleaning Air Filters

Air filters remove airborne contaminants, such as dust and pollen. Some large filter systems can be cleaned and reused, while others require filter replacement. Our service includes proper filter care for your system. (Filters need to be maintained throughout the year. We can give you details.)

Thermostat Maintenance

A thermostat is the “ON/OFF” switch for the AC system; a sensor measures air temperature and calls for cooling when indoor air rises above the temperature setting. Usually, commercial thermostats are more complex than home cooling systems. They may require software updates or recalibration. Most thermostats operate on batteries. We are acquainted with these systems and can give your thermostat the needed care.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Specific training and equipment are required to maintain modern commercial AC systems. To find a local Trane Commercial HVAC Maintenance technician, visit our Local Dealer search tool.