HVAC System Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Home

HVAC System Upgrades You Should Consider

Determining home values is rather tricky. There is the valuation that happens for taxation at the local level. There is a real estate appraisal that happens during a real estate transaction, establishing a maximum that a bank should loan for a home. An “asking price” is developed by a seller and a realtor, and the “selling price” is negotiated between the buyer and the seller. So how much is your house worth?

The ultimate value of a home is in the opinion of the current owner, and a financial figure is only a part of the valuation. How much would it take under the current life setting for you to part with your home? The location, layout, and building construction contribute to this value, and in this judgment, your HVAC system is a part of the valuation you place on your home.

The brand, age, and function might add a few percentages to the financial value, but they add significantly more to the appreciative valuation of your existing home. Here are a few things that increase this valuation.

Proper Sizing- The Easiest of All HVAC System Upgrades

During the construction phase or at the last replacement of your HVAC system, a technician gathered certain information—square footage, numbers/sizes of opening, building layout, and building material—to determine the just-right size system for your unique home.

  • An oversized system will do its job too quickly, and you may notice the short cycles. That is, the heating and cooling cycle will come often and last just a few minutes. During the cooling season, short cycles cannot adequately remove humidity from the indoor air.

    Since the space is cool, the humidity condenses on any surface it finds, including paint, furniture, and human skin. The short cycle is not good for the equipment. The humidity is not good for everything else inside a home.

  • An undersized system will struggle to reach the desired temperature in the heating and cooling seasons. The system will run long and hard, trying to meet the demand, and the equipment will wear out sooner.

Age and Maintenance

  • Furnaces and air conditioners have a limited number of years for efficient service, just like any other mechanical device. Expecting an HVAC system to last forever is unrealistic. Knowing the age of your system gives homeowners a clearer understanding of expectations and allows them to plan for repairs and replacements.
  • No matter the age of your system, preventative care will increase its value to your family and lengthen its useful life. This is well-researched and documented in the industry and backed by the U.S. Department of Energy.1 A factory-trained Trane technician can help keep your system running efficiently and lengthen the years of your system’s usefulness.

HVAC System Upgrades & Accessories

The basic function of the HVAC system is to heat, cool, dehumidify, clean, and circulate the air inside of a home. However, accessories can enhance these functions and provide greater comfort to the family, and this does create a greater appreciation of the system.

  • Programmable and Smart thermostats increase the efficiency and convenience of using the system. Scheduling temperature changes to coincide with a family’s daily activity and comfort is tremendously beneficial. Being able to make changes on the fly is very convenient. Saving money in the process is a bonus.
  • Indoor air quality measures can enhance the health and safety of family members. Ultraviolet lights installed in ductwork neutralize organic life forms that act as contaminants and allergens.

Building Envelope Improvements

During construction, each home receives a building envelope, which acts as a barrier against moisture and extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Some of the efficiency of envelope parts decreases over time and when exposed to weather.

Caulking, applying weatherstripping, and adding insulation might not seem like they impact or improve your HVAC system, but they do improve family comfort and reduce the call for heating or cooling from the system.

HVAC System Upgrades

HVAC System Upgrades are a great way to increase the value of your home. Specific training and equipment are required to maintain modern AC systems. To find a local Trane HVAC maintenance technician, visit our Local Dealer search tool.


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